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Men On TV

Waiting Sucks

Waiting Sucks

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I have not updated in a while so still here.....
Waiting for new tv shows I found interesting to be cancelled and waiting for shows to start for spring/summer.
Finally last night Monday-- United States Of Tara for starters,   DWTS my man Chris Jericho is dancing up a storm,
DVR WWE Raw -- Wrestlemania Sunday HHH break the Undertakers Streak!!!!
Tuesday DWTS results! and The Good Wife, liked No Ordinary Family but about to be canned probably.
Wednesday ---Survivor only watch for Host Jeff Probst! American Idol just to keep up,  SVU which now I DVR cause I am
watching Justified! Thursday --American Idol results gotta keep up with those singers. Greys Anatomy and Private Practice
and CSI cause I watched them since it started.  Friday--  CSI NY and WWE Smackdown if they got good matches.
Saturday-- DVR Time, Sunday-- Amazing Race love that show! , Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters cause I watched
since begining!

Shows Looking Forward To;

Starz - Camelot
HBO - Games Of Thornes ,Entourage, and True Blood

waiting sucks
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